Energy Use- Predicted and Recorded

Passivhaus software predicted heating demand of 1500 kWh per annum for our house.

Over the last 2 years the house has used around 2000Kwh p.a. for heating, cooking and hot water and around 1000kwh of electricity whilst generating 3000kwh p.a. from solar panels. 

Typically, in the UK, a house of this size uses 12000 kWh of heating and 4000kwh p.a.electricity.

  Passivhaus, is a rigorous low energy building standard developed in Germany thirty years ago, that enables construction of buildings that require minimal heating or cooling and provide increased comfort and health for their occupants. This is achieved using  super-insulation of walls, floor and roof,  triple glazed windows, heat recovery ventilation and airtight, thermal  bridge free construction. Spreadsheet based  software is  used to calculate all heat gains and losses to see how well a building will perform before any construction work is started. 

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